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CCSRE Life Stories Project: Missy Foote

Learn more about the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity  at Middlebury College.

“Life Stories of Middlebury College” is a multi-phase initiative intended to gather people’s experiences while at the college, particularly reflections that highlight issues of diversity. In her interview, Missy Foote talks about crafting homemade lacrosse sticks for her team in Chester, VT, the early days of Title IX implementation and women’s athletics, having to share the women’s locker room with opposing teams, how sports are defined by race, the tug between academics and athletics, the difficulty of recruiting, how technology is changing sports, the pleasures of living in Middlebury, and her philosophy of coaching.


Missy Foote
Head Womens Lacrosse Coach, Director of Physical Education, and Senior Women Administrator in the Athletics Department

Lydia Jun, Will Nash, and Judy Olinick

Jon Luis Castro
Interview Transcriber

Susan Burch
Associate Professor of American Studies; Director, CCSRE; Head of Life Stories project

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