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CCSRE Life Stories: Jonathan Miller-Lane

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“Life Stories of Middlebury College” is a multi-phase initiative intended to gather people’s experiences while at the college, particularly reflections that highlight issues of diversity. In his interview, Jonathan Miller-Lane, an education studies professor and Aikido instructor, compares liberal arts and martial arts and the depth of study that both of these require; he would like people to substitute the word ‘busy’ for ‘mindless’; he thinks Middlebury is at an interesting crossroads with regard to the diversity of its community, not because it is not diverse enough, but that it is time to stop saying that we are not talking about it (race or sexuality) and create more opportunities  and invitations do things with others who are not like ourselves; he wants his students to ask themselves a different question than what do I want to do or achieve, but what am I doing here and what do I want to care for?



Jonathan Miller-Lane

Associate Professor of Education Studies

Gabby Arca, interviewer



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