“Life Stories of Middlebury College” is a multi-phase initiative intended to gather people’s experiences while at the college, particularly reflections that highlight issues of diversity.  In her interview, Yonna McShane describes her life growing up in Poultney Vermont, her years as a clinical psychologist and how her career at Middlebury College  gradually  grew into more research and prevention, and how, over the thirty years she has worked her, the student body, and the whole college community has become more diverse, racially and socioeconomically. Also, since the 1990s, there has been more awareness of disability and the College has had to adapt its buildings and programs for a more diverse population. Yonna McShane discusses her work in CTLR and her interactions with the general student body, the changes in the makeup of the student body.

Yonna McShane

Director of Learning Resources/Lecturer in Psychology

Dana Yeaton

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre




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