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Held in Place

Colleen Carroll, Studio Art Senior Work, Spring 2012

My independent work deals with the landscape but it is not the literal landscape that we see in front of our eyes. Rather, I explore the landscape as it is filtered through memory. Small details are repeated to become an epic panorama and multiple scales are experienced at once, disconnecting the viewer from the daily experience of landscape and allowing for the entrance into an imaginative geography of memory. Patterns and repetition are important because of the way the multiple experiences of a single landscape over time become layered. It is the act of remembering that determines what is visible and what is obscured. Each of the elements included in my work comes from an important place in my life, from the Pacific Northwest, Wyoming, and Vermont. I firmly believe that place informs our identity and each of these places have shaped who I am and how I interact with the world around me.

Thanks to the Studio Art department and faculty, especially Hedya Klein, Heimo Wallner, and Rebecca Gooch for their help and guidance.

First Beach, The Sound

silkscreen prints on newsprint



In the Bighorns

silkscreen, charcoal, sumi ink on newsprint and glassine

Other works

we are here and we are fine (I and II)

silkscreen prints on mulberry paper

the rain and the sound

charcoal, paint pen on kitikata paper and silkscreen print on glassine





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