A MiddLab Project


A sampling of my independent work created during the 2011-2012 academic year with the Studio Art department.

Special thanks to Jim Butler, Hedya Klein, John Huddleston, Sanford Mirling and Rebecca Gooch. Thank you to my friends and family for lending an ear and eye when I needed them most. Art is meant to be a dialogue, and one should not converse alone.



Illumination (n.) : lighting or light; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment.
Luminous (adj.) : glowing with health, vigor or a particular emotion.
Light is the ultimate source of life for our planet. Without it, many things cease to exist. Its necessity influences what we eat, how we live, and where we dwell. My work this year would not exist without careful consideration and appreciation of light. My goal was to bring a new sense of life to an existing space through displacement and habitation. In my work, the “life” only exists with the facilitation of light, but with the flip of a switch, it is gone. How does a sense of place, space or environment evoke feelings of illumination (outward, giving and free) versus luminance (self-contained and captured)? Life is governed both by the self and its environment. If we lose our light, do we lose ourselves?




This project is included in these themes:

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