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Building a Laser Harp

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First developed in 1976 by Geoffrey Rose, the laser harp is an electronic instrument designed to stimulate visual and aural senses together when used in live concerts. Provided with the advantage of many technological advancements since Rose’s time, I constructed a laser harp using electronics, a MIDI CPU converter and computer synthesizer equipment. The laser harp is framed – with the lasers affixed to the top and indicdent on photocells positioned at the base. The electronic instrument includes up to twenty lasers, each of which play a different note as specified by the MIDI signal. Additional lasers may be included which, when disrupted, would change the volume, octave or sound for any or all of the other beams.


Hannah Waite

Peter Hamlin
Sponsor & Christian A. Johnson Professor of Music

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  1. Dear Hannah,

    This is quite an amazing project. I look forward to seeing it myself.


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