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Curricular Connection: Exploring the piano

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Dr. Bettina Matthias FYSE class, The Cultural History of the Piano, has spent some time exploring the piano in the Concert Hall and met with visiting artist Paul Lewis.  Ross Commons Heads  Pavlos Sfyoeras and  Maria Hatjigeorgiou graciously invited the students, along with some Ross students, to a reception for Paul in their home.  Diana and Emory Fanning, along with Town Hall Theater director Doug Anderson, mixed with students until Paul’s arrival.  Then the questions began…


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  1. Hearing Paul Lewis’ breathtaking performance, and then watching him interact with our students with such ease and interest at the reception, reminded me why he is one of Middlebury’s favorite visiting artists. We can’t wait until his return in February to commence a two-year cycle of Schubert works!

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